I want to share the experience helping one of my client when migrate their infrastructure from Private cloud to Google Cloud Platform.
Here the list of their infrastructure component on the Private Cloud

  • Firewall
  • Load balancer using Nginx with SSL termination on the Loadbalancer
  • 3 VM web worker for handling request based on the PHP
  • 3 instance Database cluster using MariDB Galera
  • 2 Instance for RabbitMQ cluster

From the customer, they want to achive goal below

  • Painless migration or minimum changes on the code/configuration
  • Infrastructure can be scale/de-scale automatically based on the load
  • Minimum downtime in the migration process
  • Increase their service SLA

To achieve their target, proposed plan is on two phases;

Phase 1

  • Create and define VPC for deisired region, in this case Singapore region.
  • Create Firewall for VPC subnet
  • Create Jumpox with ssh-key and configure TCP wrapper for ssh access based on defined firewall in VPC
  • Setup NFS storage using GCP Filestore for persistance web data. This will mounted as web root directory in the MIG template.
  • Create VM instance for RabbitMQ Cluster
  • Create DNS using GCP cloud dns for each service

To be continue..

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