Back-up is not important!

As a system administrator who have a system or server that needs to run all the time, we need to have a backup at least once a week. This backup can be in file level, such as rsnapshot in Linux. Or can be VM level backup such as the vzdump in the Proxmox environment.

The backup always comes handy if something goes wrong in the current production environments. Let say, costumer accidentally delete the Nginx configuration. We can restore from the rsnapshot daily backup. Or, VM accidentally destroyed from hypervisor Proxmox. We can restore it from the vzdump backup.

But, sometimes users or customers does not fully aware or even notice the importance of the backup. Usually, they become angry and reactive when the issues happen even though we have offered the backup solution when the project started.

If we look closely, it’s true that the backup actually not important. Why? it’s is obvious that when everything is okay this backup only a junk of file without purpose. This especially happens with sensitive budget type customers or users. I also can relate to this point of view.

By stating “Backup Is not Important”, what I am trying to say is that backup is only a bunch of files unless you can make sure that the file is usable or able to perform as the initial state when the restore procedure is done. So it is important to make sure that you have at least procedure to test restoring your backup files and make sure that the system is working as intended.

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