Financial Aid In Coursera

After passing the Google ACE (Associate Cloud Engineer), I want to continue to learn for the next certification in Google Cloud expert path.

The next path is Google PCA (Professional Cloud Architect). This exam will cover about design, manage and provisioning, analyze/optimize technical/business process and ensures reliability of the selution.

Based on the information from google’s official site about the certification, here. Then I am trying to find learning/reading sources about the exam and all materials on the internet. From searching ebook’s, pdf’s, and cheap/discount learning sites like Udemy, etc.
Finally, I found the in the Coursera itself where I have the ACE last time. They provide financial aid for the course. Basically like a scholarship in your regular school.

To get or accepted in Coursera program’s, you only need to create an essay the reason why you need financial aid for your course. Minimum 300 words, and if you are lucky you will get the acceptance reply in 17 days.

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