My MegaRaid CheatSheat

This is my most used MegaRaid command collection.

A fast command to diagnose the array health status;
MegaCli64 -pdList -a0 | grep -i -E “enclosure|slot|RAW Size|device id|pd type|firmware state|inquiry data”

List the phisical disk;
MegaCli64 -pdList -a0 | grep -i -E “slot|RAW Size|pd type”

List logical drive;
MegaCli64 -LDInfo -Lall -aALL

Locate and blinking your disk in the controler
Start blinking
MegaCli64 -PdLocate -start -physdrv[<ENCLOSURE>:<DRIVE>] -a0
Stop blinking
MegaCli64 -PdLocate -stop -physdrv[<ENCLOSURE><DRIVE>] -a0

To be Continue..

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