Found an issue in one of my Proxmox ZFS pool. The pool member on those disk is out and UNAVAILABLE from the pool causing the pool to be DEGRADED. Tried to access the partition using gdisk showing error “The primary GPT table is corrupt, but the backup appears OK, so that will be used”

The disk is under 3ware raid controller and set as JBOD.

Checking the smartctl value, the disk shows no problem from the variable there. Try to set short test for the disk and result is OK with no error found on the disk.

Next is try to check if there is a header backup on the gpt partition created by zfs. Fortunately there is a header backup and can be used to rebuild the GPT header.
#gdisk /dev/sdg
#input r > to get recovery mode
#input b> to rebuild the header from the backup on the disk it self
#input w> to write the changes.

Check the disk again and the partition now listed, so i decided to go ahead and make the device online to kickstart the resilvering for the pool zpool raid array.
# zpool online dpool sdg


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